Refunds can only be issued for items purchased from lokken.co.uk
All other refunds would be issued by the re-seller

Free UK Returns


How do I change the battery?

When that day to change your battery comes, we advise you take your watch to the local watch repair shop to change your Lokken battery


How do you clean the watch?

Keep your Lokken watch is pristine condition by following some simple suggestions:

1. Wipe glass face with soft material

2. Avoid any substances on the watch face and material

3. If accidents happen on your strap, gently wipe with a soft, semi-damp cloth – wipe dry immediately. Avoid water on the watch face


Are the watches water resistant?

Although Lokken watches can withstand the normal, everyday use, they are not waterproof. This means that our watches can withstand a few accidental drops of water. The watch is not suitable for any water related work. Damages caused under these circumstances are not covered by the guarantee. 


What is your warranty?

Lokken watches have a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. We are not responsible for any damage caused by inappropriate use. 


Wear & Tear

Lokken watches are coated with the finest finishing. Exposure to humidity and water and sometimes lead to the copper oxidising, slightly wearing the effect.


Can I adjust an order after I have placed it?

Yes - within 8 hours of purchasing.


Can I exchange an order?

Due to our Limited Edition stock, it is not possible to exchange a product. We offer a return policy which means that you can return your entire product that you ordered, and reorder the product that you want instead. Once we have received and processed your return shipment, your money will be refunded within a 14 day period, provided the watch is in its original condition.


Do you offer discounts?

To keep up to date with any special offers, follow our social media accounts and sign up to our newsletter


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Do you ship worldwide?

Our shipment price is included within the price.


Do you have a return policy?




I’ve placed an order, but I haven’t received a confirmation email– what should I do?

Check your spam – emails may automatically get redirected by your email provider. If the confirmation email cannot be found within this location, please contact us so that we can investigate the matter with the following information:

  • Your full name

  • Address

  • Email address you placed the order with

  • Reasons for contact

  • Your confirmation number that came up at the end of the transaction (if obtainable)



I’m a blogger and would like to collaborate with Lokken?

We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us regarding your collaboration request.


The product I want is out of stock, will it be back in stock?

We thrive on our Limited Edition products and love generating new, exciting ideas into our ever changing products. To keep up with our latest news on trends and stock, follow us on social media.